Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Gays no better or worse than others

Finally a “man of the cloth” determined that everyone, even gays (wow), are human and should thus have human rights like everyone else! Thank you Father!

How terribly unfortunate, that because of our adherence to, and total delusion from the brainwashing of certain religious views which have slowly and surely become a big part of our culture, and have actually created our sense of homophobia in this small-minded society, we have to wait for the approval of a priest to publicly denounce anti-gay policies, in order for us to agree openly that it’s not really so inhuman to be gay after all.

Trinidadian, Russian, athlete, artist, Christian, non-Christian, those in the highest offices of the land, those in the ghettoes—gayness is everywhere; get over it! It is not good or bad or anything to be gay or not gay.

Who we are is based, like all else in life, on the mystic law of cause and effect (myoho renge kyo).

Everyone has the ability to become enlightened no matter their sexual preference in life, whether the so-called good book says so or not.

Tamara Tam-Cruickshank