Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Get detainees in V’zuela back home

 What is really going on with this situation of our nationals being incarcerated in Venezuela? Why have they been held? Why hasn’t the Government expedited this matter? Why isn’t the Government trying harder for this cause? These seem to be the questions that everyone, including myself, is asking. I, just as the rest of nation, would like some answers and action. 

Firstly, we all know there is ongoing unrest in Venezuela right now. Then came the news that several nationals of our country were detained for allegedly suspected links to terrorist cells. First and foremost, is this really true? Terrorists here? In our country? 

Whosoever bears responsibility for this portfolio, whether it be National Security or Foreign Affairs, please launch an investigation into this allegation. 

If this is found to be true, I pray and hope it will be handled accordingly. If it is not so and they cannot prove the same, then those persons in question are presumed to be innocent right? Then why are they still being held? 

Innocent people deserve to and should be free to do whatever they please, wherever they please, of course within legal limits. I’m asking the relevant ministry or authority to get to the bottom of this allegation and deal with it accordingly once and for all.

My second concern is why isn’t more being done by our officials to retrieve our citizens? Now I do recall the Ministry of National Security and other officials being able to secure the release of all the women and children who were held. I commend them on their speedy and proactive approach in getting them out and I am sure the families are eternally grateful. But what about the remainder of the contingent? 

The women/mothers and children are important yes, but the men/fathers are just as important. They are citizens in the same way. 

I know the Government has tried and is trying, but I believe they can try a bit harder still. I am not aware of all the diplomatic moves involved between the two nations, but I am sure that we (Venezuela and Trinidad and Tobago) can both come to some mutually beneficial compromise that would see our men uniting with their families and loved ones. Whatever has to be done thereafter, can be conducted in our homeland. 

Home is where our hearts are and who wouldn’t want to see their loved ones safe and secure and around them. I implore you ministers, ambassadors, Madam Prime Minister and Mister President to please resolve this crisis. 

We have to stand for our own. Just as we stand for our beloved country, so should we stand for our fellow citizens.

 Susan Farrow

via e-mail