Thursday, December 14, 2017

Get to source of the leak and deal with those responsible

Countries such as the US and the UK with very strict security classification systems are not free from leaks, as recent revelations have demonstrated. The difference is they get to the source of the leak and rectify it while dealing with those responsible for them.

People have been fugitives for years because of leaking sensitive information.

When we allow leaks to go without investigation, eventually confidential information will hit the public and cause a huge mess for Trinidad internationally.

It’s good to read in our newspapers that the acting Commissioner of Police Stephen Williams mandated acting Assistant Commissioner of Police (Crime) Deodath Dulalchan, to spearhead a probe to determine whether a criminal offence was committed and by whom, in the leaking of the Police Service and Police Complaints Authority (PCA) reports into the new Flying Squad.

He stated, “This probe is based on the issue of disclosure of confidential information.”

It’s strange however that the head of the PCA Gillian Lucky had stated at a Joint Select Committee of Parliament that it was not a confidential document. However, the PCA Act which states, “Under the Police Complaints Authority Act, the law states that any evidence and information evidence and information the Police Complaints Authority (PCA) obtained, deems it to be confidential.”

This to me is a frightening situation.

Sita Maharajh

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