Thursday, February 22, 2018

Get two for one in 2015

 It’s my considered opinion that every­one interested in seeing the back of this Government after the next election should immediately cease and desist from calling on the Prime Minister to fire Anil Roberts or for him to resign.

The outrage against his conti­nued presence in the Government is so great that come election time, if he is still a minister, no matter what they do or how much they spend, this issue alone will ensure the People’s Partnership is swept unceremoniously from office.

Let’s be clear. This is one issue that is not a nine-day wonder. I believe even the staunchest supporters of this Government, as long as they care about this country, will either abstain or vote against the Partnership because of this travesty (as occurred with Patrick Manning/Calder Hart/Urban Development Corporation of Trinidad and Tobago Ltd).

On the other hand, if he resigns or is fired, the Prime Minister and her spin doctors will once again successfully “convince” those foolish enough to believe the nancy story that the Prime Minister had once again taken the moral and ethical high ground and dealt firmly with an errant minister.

While this will not translate to victory at the polls since the majority of T&T citizens are now too intelligent and enlightened to fall for that kind of nonsense, it will make it a little harder to sweep them from office. 

So my advice to all concerned about good governance (read getting rid of the People’s Partnership) is to forget winning the Anil battle for now and focus on winning the war against the Partnership. Get two for the price of one in 2015!

Claude A Job

via e-mail