Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Give us the chance to know, Mr DPP

Why must the CL Financial investigations be kept from the public? In the news, this story was featured quite prominently and it made me wonder what was going to happen to those who invested with this company, still hoping to be in the know about the sequence of events leading to their losses.

In such a case, we need to be fair to ourselves and others affected by this. For individuals like the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Roger Gaspard, who have not been in this particular predicament, it is easy to look from an air-conditioned office and make your own demands and opinions, which make others dance to your tunes; but for those who have toiled for years, "scrunting" to save every penny to invest in their future and have had these hopes taken away, it is just outright devastating.

And to go even further to encourage the halting of the current commission of enquiry into this matter, which has the potential to unveil most of the schemes that took place in this CL Financial chaos and has already brought so much to the fore, is being quite unfair to us.

We as people will feel heavily cheated if such demands by the DPP are met, as we have every right to know the goings-on of this investigation. To have individuals like Mr Colman and Senator Ramlogan, SC, recommend that we get the chance to understand the state of this investigation must not be taken for granted, as they would have been seeking our best interest. Therefore, I recommend, Mr Gaspard, that you allow the law and good sense to take charge of this matter, and rid the people of the sleepless nights and worry over the concern of justice for the problems they have faced due to this matter.

Desist from making reckless statements and unjustified requests which not only put other people's legal reputation in jeopardy, but also the reputation of our country.

Ralph Camacho