Friday, December 15, 2017

Glad for Chucky, but...

 I will admit that as I listened to Mr Roderick Gordon perform I thought “wow here’s a youth keeping alive the traditional sound of calypso” but the result leaves me in greater awe. While yes it is refreshing to see a young man answering Chalkie’s cry for real kaisonians and I will not even try to pretend that the ‘wedding minister’ didn’t deliver two very strong truly traditional kaisoes, I can’t help but wonder how he escaped the bois blows and managed to master Madiba’s memory. Kurt my friend, we are truly too happy on these islands. 

In my humble opinion, the minute we allow the one unravelling piece of our cultural fibre to fall to the shreds of tiptoeing around our politicians’ missteps we have lost our way. I really hope this does not represent the death of killer kaisoes that strike at the heart of political follies coming out on top. If the judges’ decision represents our country’s collective nod it would seem that what we think of our lady PM’s need to drink as acceptable. He threw light on the issue and left us to answer and it seems that at least ‘wha’ the judges think is that yes Aunty Kam’s a drink is okay.

As for his “nation building” composition, it reflects yet another thing we lace with cane juice and pretend that it’s all sweet. It doesn’t matter how many local genres we mix and how much these fused musical treats sound good, Chucky as part of the industry should know that the music is not a true depiction of unity. As with everything else in the country the music is marred by backbiting and a “eat ah food” mentality instead of the marrying of musical geniuses and a genuine desire to manufacture something the world craves. As a young man myself, Mr Gordon I want to be glad for you as a youth getting something so coveted and prestigious but it is with some massala that I swallow your “achievement”.

Dale L Brooks