Sunday, February 18, 2018

Go to the bank, not the Govt

 Year after year, around Carnival time, we hear the same ole talk from promoters of these so-called “international shows” that if the Government fails to deliver on its financial commitments, then the shows would be in jeopardy.

If these shows are so “international” as the promoters claim, then why is it that year after year the Government must step in with financial help; why can’t the promoters do like any business operation and go to a bank with a proper business proposal and raise the necessary capital to put on the show?  In other words take a chance on what they believe to be a sound business venture, and show once and for all that the word “international” is truly that and not being used for promotional purposes only. 

And on another note, since it’s taxpayers’ monies the promoters are asking for, we the taxpayers are demanding audited accounts after the shows to see how our monies were spent. As the old saying goes, “business is business” or so it should be.

C Peters

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