Sunday, February 25, 2018

Good news on the back burner

I am no apologist for the Government as there are persons paid to do that, but I must agree with the Government officials who accuse the media of publishing only negative news.

On March 19, I sent a letter to the editor complimenting the Chaguanas Borough Corporation on correcting a garbage disposal problem.

I even went on to say how proud I was to be a burgess, and proclaimed it to be the number one borough in the country.

This letter was not published. I suppose if I had written to complain, it would have been published.

I must emphasise that they responded within two days of my complaint. What is even better is that there was a follow-up phone call to enquire whether I was satisfied and offering advice on how to avoid a recurrence of the problem. Plus there was a home visit on the Holy Thursday public holiday.

But I suppose that is not newsworthy. If I had organised a placard demonstration or burnt some tyres, I would have got full exposure. How sad.

Boswell John