Saturday, January 20, 2018

Good move by PM

The Prime Minister should be highly commended that she let good sense prevail.

The nomination of Justice Rolston Nelson by the Opposition ensured that only the highest credentials would suffice in picking the most politically perfect person.

One could almost surmise that Justice Nelson's name proved to be the proverbial Trojan horse. But this is not the time to split hairs. This is the time to say that the Prime Minister, in this significant moment, is not a puppet of any so-called "cabal".

It is not too late for Mrs Persad-Bissessar to insist that "Woman is Boss". The ball is in her court with regard to the general elections in 2015 when "political perception" in all its ramifications will rule the choices of the floating voters.

Welcome to the position of President, Anthony Carmona. We watching!

Lynette Joseph

Via e-mail