Monday, January 22, 2018

Good move by TSTT board to remove Machel

We publicly applaud the position taken by the Everad Snaggs-led board of directors of TSTT on the removal of Machel Montano as a representative of the company and ask of them that they use this opportunity further to chart a new direction for the company where the engaging in public spokespersons and "brand ambassadors" are concerned.

We are aware of the value of notoriety to bring "eyeballs" and "mindshare" to a product, but when the brand in question is spending State dollars it comes with a greater responsibility that the private sector may not have to be concerned with, that of the greater good.

As the first to call for such a severance, we were mindful to not take the matter to a personal level of opinions and emotions but as national in scope as we could, and the message was always going to be about what lessons the larger society was taking away from all of this, as one has to be mindful of the messages that such lucrative endorsement deals send to the wider community, and the behaviour they may encourage through emulation.

With that in mind, we call on the board to also discontinue the company's association with Anya Ayoung Chee as well as we believe that the message sent by her meteoric rise is that, as is the case now sadly in the US, that amateur porn may in fact be a pathway to success.

Forgiveness is the most noble of human traits and we ought to forgive transgressions immediately and with all the humanity we possess, but we must be cautious that in our rush to forgive we do not skip the "consequence of action" step as this would rob all the onlookers and the society as a whole from benefitting from some valuable life lessons. 

We also call on the board of directors of Caribbean Airlines to be as civic minded as the TSTT board has been and follow suit in this direction.

Phillip Edward Alexander

via e-mail