Saturday, December 16, 2017

Goodbye, Akeem

 A tribute to Akeem “Keemo” Adams which is entitled “Goodbye”:

Such immense pride

You brought to this space

Which is now darkened 

By your ascension 

To the great beyond

Oh how I wish 

To turn back time

So that to our yesterday

We could return

If only for a moment

To see your smile

Cherish your innocence

Revel in your humility

In my powerless state

Reminiscence must suffice

While I cling to fading hope

That this is not the end

For we had only just begun

Our journey together

Yesterday was ours

So ripe with promise

Today that promise

Is sadly out of reach

Tomorrow will find me

In such a sad place

For I must now say to you 

That most painful word


Elias Lewis