Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Government boots on the march

As we approach the end of the third year of the present regime, we begin to experience the scorched-earth politics that is being introduced. It brings memories of the Argentina from 1976 to 1982, the years of the generals.

We are moving to be a country run not by the rule of law but by the boots of the armed forces. The present method of rule is to obey and follow us or we will crush you into the ground and spit on your grave.

A one-party state is the ultimate utopia with ministers of government attacking perceived enemies with vengeful force.

Our present Minister of National Security, when he speak,s is like a B52 Bomber dropping "napalm" on those who don't worship him. He attempts to strip to the bone politicians, poets or priests, no one escapes. Some of his fellow ministers are like "Agent Orange" tearing the leaves of our soul, you must be grateful for what is left on the table after the feast.

At present, personal files of citizens are being gathered on a perceived list of enemies, an individual who borrowed $2 million to build a home, his present debt status was revealed on a political platform.

Isn't bank's relationship with clients supposed to be private, yet the bank has not intervened publicly on behalf of the client.

The rate of success in crime detection is less than 20 per cent and the solution is 1,000 army personnel being given the duties and power of police officers.

The present acting CoP is like a jellyfish floating in the current created by the Minister of National Security, while Section 34 is not explained, the Reshmi affair was a misstep and ministers use helicopters as private vehicles.

What have we done to deserve this?

H Vialva