Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Govt making lots of unforced errors

IN our system of elections the winner takes all. No opposition can effectively constrain a government from performing in the best interest of the people, meaning all the people. With all the resources under its control and as the main driver of the economy, the Government is holding all the cards.

After making continuing necessary adjustments for any adverse international impacts every government should reasonably be able to realise its vision for the country and be able to achieve most of its manifesto promises on the critical assumption that it has the relevant competencies to so do.

Since assuming office three years ago, the Partnership Government has been repeatedly shooting itself in the foot, known in tennis circles as unforced errors, so there are no feet left, only stumps. One cannot be nimble and flexible on stumps.

So whether the UNC party is addressing its supporters on a Monday night or the Partnership coalition is defending its performance or lack thereof at its many celebratory functions or defending against any motion of no confidence in the House of Representatives, there is only one discernible strategy ie., to demonise ad nauseum “Mr” Rowley, Leader of the Opposition.

The NAR administration spent five years in government criticising the PNM and was ignominiously voted out of office.

This Government has clearly lost its way by way of its many unforced errors and is on a daily basis becoming less and less attractive to the undecided or swing voters whose numbers continue to increase.

Annette Singh

via e-mail