Thursday, January 18, 2018

Govt must focus on crime, not this mom

 I refer to the recent issue that has taken up national attention with the mother who corrected her child and posted it as a video on Facebook. 

After watching the video, I must admit, I felt very sorry for the girl. I do not agree with the degree of the punishment, the mother’s use of obscene language and the posting of the video.  After analysing the situation, I agree with the mother for addressing her child’s errors. Hopefully, this means one less teenage mother. 

If every mother and by extension father and legal guardian, addressed their children’s wrongdoings our crime rate would be much lower.  If this girl was left to her own devices and ended up pregnant the first question would have come to the mind of many is, “where is her mother?” 

 I was happy to see the young lady in the video together with her sister post another video explaining the facts and reality of the situation. This action by the mother was a means to an end. Nobody was there when the mother was going through her challenges with the girl. Why do we want to play judge and jury now?

I disagree totally with the Government ministers and the acting Commissioner of Police for their statements on the case. Looking for charges to be laid against this mother is setting a very bad precedent. It is a way of giving children some sort of power over parents as they can now do what they want, and when they are corrected, they can make reports of abuse.  

We are already faced with a problem of a high crime rate, and this type of stance by the Government would just make things worse. There are many more matters of national importance that need the attention of the authorities.  Maybe however, the mother could be counselled on better coping mechanisms and better disciplinary methods. We can take an example from other countries where corporal punishment is abolished and the state their society is in today compared to before.  Many of us are products of corporal punishment which we have to thank for helping shape us into the law-abiding citizens we are today.  

Timothy Scott   

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