Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Govt must keep promises to China

 The Prime Minister’s excursion into China was not supposed to be like the post-World War II song “Slow Boat to China”. This was about serious politics. The Chinese are about genuine business transactions and will not be happy to lose face just because Mrs Kamla Persad-Bissessar feels like ma­king promises she may not be able to keep. 

Whichever agreement that is arrived at needs to be continued by whichever party is in power. At this juncture, the People’s Part­nership Govern­ment would appear not to be a shoo-in for another five-year term. This is not secret information. The Part­ner­ship UNC (United National Con­gress)-led Government is facing dire straits for the general election in 2015. 

The other remark that appears to be even more drivel is that the children’s hospital sited in Couva will be “nicer and prettier” than the one the PM visited in China that was similarly built by Shanghai Construction. Why was Winston Dookeran in her entourage if he was not advi­sing her to be more diplomatic? Chi­­na is long reputed to be as innovative and as powerful as the Uni­ted States, or Britain in its heyday.

It does not need another Ein­stein to say, in local parlance, “She need to watch she mouth. What she saying that may get big people vex.” 

The newest Trinidad and Tobago “outpost” in China must be the centre for more business solutions of a permanent nature, rather than a “wait-until-I-am-back-home-to-give-a-definite-answer” type of 

Trini-flavoured diplomacy.

Lynette Joseph

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