Friday, January 19, 2018

Govt must make Red House restoration a priority

 Trinidad and Tobago’s Red House, an iconic building, is now a perfect mirage of its struggles and tragic history. 

Over a lengthy period of years, the citizens of this country have been hearing about the restoration of this sacred part of our history. Approximately $200 million have been spent in the effort to restore the Red House and as we can evidently see, this has not been accomplished.

The completion of restoration of the former structure of the Red House was supposed to be finished by December of this year. However, in its present state, it is visible that there has been no sign of activity. To make matters worse, the deterioration has been enhanced due to the discovery of a tree growing out of its walls. 

On the contrary, it has been alleged the Gov­ernment has spent approximately $28 million on an unoccupied building for no apparent reason. Instead of the Government spending so much on renting a building which the honourable minister cannot account for, the focus should be on the restoration of the Red House, even though a vast amount of money has already been spent behind this project.

Even the parliamentarians themselves have been inconvenienced by this because Parliament had to be relocated to the International Waterfront Centre in Port of Spain. In all their comfort and luxurious surroundings, the attention that they should be giving to the Red House has been drastically reduced.

The significance, history and culture of our ancestral building, the Red House, is slowly withering away with time.

Renelle Haynes