Thursday, February 22, 2018

Govt silent as Venezuela deteriorates

 Honourable Minister of Foreign Affairs, not one word on what is taking place in Venezuela—our neighbours of seven miles? Not even a quote from United Nations?

We have many Venezuelans living here in Trinidad. Why do you think they are here? One local newspaper did an interview with someone from the Venezuelan embassy, I believe. Has anyone asked any of the “Venes” living here their side of the story? 

What would be the effect on our country if the situation in Venezuela developed into a full-blown civil war? I have been told by people in the oil industry that Venezuelan charts put Trinidad in Venezuelan territory. I have no idea if this is so but why would they lie?

I have been taking my daughter to Venezuela for medical treatment since June 2011 and I have seen a steady decline of this beautiful country. Medicines have become more difficult to find and, now, simple things like dyes needed for certain tests are not available.

An oil-rich, resourceful coun­try now has no medicines, no toilet paper, no milk, no sugar, no cooking oil, no ground white corn that is a staple of the people and, now, no opposition leader. Does anyone ask why? How could this happen? Where “d” money gone to get these basic human needs? But they sure have lots of guns and military tanks.

I was fortunate enough to

get an English-speaking taxi-

driver. He is one of the engineers fired by the then-Chavez government and replaced by

uneducated supporters. Re­member the huge explosion and fire at a refinery in Venezuela? How many lives were lost?

I was also unfortunate enough to be scrounging around in the grocery when all of a sudden, there was a stampede of customers. Is it a bomb scare, I asked my friend? No, she replies, cooking oil has come. I saw a woman “cuff” down another who was trying to take a bottle away from her. A hungry nation—the French Revolution.

It is a sad day when the rest of the world stands by and allows this to happen. Madam PM, was not Mr Chavez here in our country for the big extravaganza of the OAS (Organisation of American States)?

 I am only asking questions. Can somebody say something?

Jennifer Thomas

via e-mail