Friday, December 15, 2017

Govt working hard despite attacks

In light of recent events, I find the need to say how proud I am of our country as they move on, taking our country to a higher level. The Opposition forces have been so very thorough in their attacks against the Government that they fail to understand the Government's response to them. By their attacks, I see responses of results and action, instead of cheap talk and brazen disregard for the people— something that the Opposition, when they were in government, always managed to fail at.

The PNM (People's National Movement) had complaints about the cost of living being too high; the Government, in response to this, removed VAT (value added tax) from all food items. There was a huge uproar about the Section 34 matter, and a minister was removed from office, something that would never have happened under the PNM. There was an issue about the people of Laventille needing jobs, and millions of dollars were spent on facilitating this cause—something the PNM never did (despite the fact that Laventille is a traditional PNM seat). And the list goes on and on.

If the PNM has been upholding the principles of morality and accountability, then why were they exposed and voted out of office for their corrupt and discriminatory practices? They want action and call for better governance, and yet even after everyone in the country acknowledges the racial utterances of former deputy chief secretary Hilton Sandy, he is still an assemblyman in the THA (Tobago House of Assembly) without any concern or thought for the non-Tobagonian investors who have interests there.

The fact is that regardless of what the PNM says, the Government is one that works and works hard. Any fair-minded citizen can vouch for that.

Felix Young