Thursday, February 22, 2018

Great work, long overdue

 I wish to congratulate the Minister of Transport on the initiative to remove some 20 shipwrecks which litter the nation’s coastline.  

Most unsightly of these are those wrecks which lie at the Sea Lots jetty and serve as a hiding place for contraband diesel. 

The $20 million spent represents money well spent and those wrecks wherever possible must be sold for scrap to recover the expenditure.  

I am hoping this is the first step towards converting the Sea Lots peninsula into the car park/transport hub which was promised so many years ago, but never delivered. One look from the Nicholas Towers would reveal the enormous potential of that Sea Lots eyesore. 

It is shameful that past governments allowed the shoreline to become a dumping ground.  

 Great work, long overdue.    

Lystra Marajh