Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Guilty until proven innocent...

Within the last three weeks cycling made the newspapers. Firstly with the premature passing of 42-year-old Clinton Grant, former national cycling champion, who was knocked down by a motorist while riding on the shoulder of the road (allegedly, the errant driverís familiar excuse ďah loss controlĒ).

This was followed by Lettisha Ali of Cunupia (Express Letters, April 8) who suggested that some minor roads be off limits to cyclists. It is my hope that Ms Ali read the response by Mark Thomas of Santa Cruz (Express Letters, April 10) who pointed out that cyclists have a legal right to occupy a lane on the nationís roads (Motor Vehicle and Road Traffic Act Ch 48:50).

The authorities should amend our laws to support the presumption that any motorist involved in a collision with a cyclist, runner or walker on the nationís roads is guilty unless it can be proven, beyond reasonable doubt, otherwise. As motorists we need to exercise caution and drive more defensively.

John Lum Young

Port of Spain