Friday, January 19, 2018

Heads must roll

The disruption of the electricity supply the country experienced on Good Friday morning is unacceptable.

This time Phoenix Park Gas Processors is the bobolee.

The Communication Minister has apologised. Talk is cheap. What about the revenue lost?

A probe has been ordered but we all know where that will end up.

There have been other major blackouts in the past three years: August 30, 2011; December 2012 and July 2010. Excellent repeatability.

Sabotage? Or square pegs in round holes?

In countries like Japan which we aspire to emulate, from the minister down many would have offered their resignations. Not here. They will say the outage was an act of God.

This inefficiency must be terminated now. I do not expect major changes in personnel, I demand it.

On a "light" note the PM disregarded advice by her doctors and came out to work. Not much faith in her ministers, don't you think?

AV Rampersad

Princes Town