Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Helping Machel

The Lenten season is a strategic time for regrets, repentance and resolution. It was satisfying, then, to read of Machel Montano's impeccably timed and skillfully choreographed mea culpa.

I would like to see some real good come out of this situation.

There seems to be a need for ways to help people from all walks of life deal with issues of expressing emotions appropriately, emotion/anger management, and dealing with substance abuse, depression, anxiety, feelings of insecurity, feelings of inferiority/superiority, irresponsibility, abuse, neglect, lack of opportunity and physical and emotional trauma.

Some of these are a consequence of individual failure to self-regulate, others of motivation, some are the result of systemic deficiencies and entitlements that have spanned generations and others may be related to biochemistry.

Committing himself, his brand and his resources to addressing any of these issues would perhaps go a long way to reducing the likelihood of events such as the one that have placed him in the position in which he now finds himself.

Steven Khan