Saturday, February 17, 2018

Here’s how to pick next PM

By election time next year we’ll all be in a deep quandary about “who we go put”.

Based on the present political climate and our roller-coaster “coalition” experience, surely our next choice of government could be guided by at least one of the following criteria:

1. Dotish vs Dangerous: we all know what dotish is, but dangerous could be defined as Section 34-gate, Email-gate, Prison-gate, Flying Squad-gate, Planass-gate and of course who can forget ganja-gate, just to mention a few.

2. The next PM should NOT have a legal background because all we’ve heard for the last four years is, “I was advised,” “I’ve been advised,” “I was further advised,” “I’ve not yet seen….” and of course, “I’ve not had sight of…” Really?

3. A sitting PM and not a flying PM …. Nuff said.

4. Any party that promises in its manifesto to cap the personal enrichment of all MPs to one house and/or one Range Rover.

As for those daily persistent blaring sirens emanating from vehicles that usually aren’t chasing bandits or rushing to the scene of a crime in progress ... any government that could reduce that annoyance stands a good chance of getting the popular vote.

Of course some masochists who’ve enjoyed the political stress of the last four years can’t wait for the pleasure of five more years of the same.

Others, of milder temperament, suffer from PVST or Post Voting Stress Disorder, and having been promised then denied the “the right to recall”, may simply recall their vote.

E Weston

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