Saturday, December 16, 2017

Here’s no place for hunger strikers

One does not have to be a rocket scientist to figure out what Wayne is seeking. Aided and abetted by his father, mother, brothers and sisters, except one, he is seeking martyrdom. But he must not succeed in his nefarious quest. This is not India. This is T&T.

The Kublalsingh clan is attempting to introduce a practice that is utterly alien and detestable to our culture and way of life. There is absolutely no reason for anyone to be a martyr for any cause in T&T. But Wayne is determined to be T&T's first martyr, come what may.

But this is not a backward Asiatic country. This is T&T. And under no circumstances must the Kublalsingh clan be permitted to tarnish the image of our beloved land. We in T&T love life. T&T is a celebration of life, notwithstanding all our shortcomings. And the utterly heinous act of fasting until death in the public arena must never be allowed to take root here. Never.

Therefore it is the responsibility of the State to bring this utterly sordid affair to an end. Failing that, we the citizens of T&T must do what is necessary. Wayne Kublalsingh must be forced against his will to immediately end his hunger strike. He must be taken to an appropriate institution and forced-fed. It has become necessary to move with dispatch before he succeeds in his heinous undertaking. A mere handful of strong men and women could do the job with ease.

Ishmael Samad

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