Thursday, February 22, 2018

Holiday puzzle

 I cannot understand why the public holidays for Eid-ul-Fitr and Divali can only be announced two or three weeks before the date.

Let us be clear—Muslims and Hindus have no better idea when the moon will appear two weeks before the date, as opposed to one year before.

In Guyana and Suriname, these holidays are announced at the beginning of the year but in this country we have to wait until the last minute, which messes up production scheduli­ng in factories.

It is also interesting to note that in almost every country, including Suriname, Eid-ul-Fitr this year is on Monday, July 28, but in Trinidad and Tobago it is on Tuesday, July 29.

The new moon this month is on Saturday, July 26, but it appears that, according to the authorities here, it will not be visible until Monday, July 28, making Eid-ul-Fitr Tuesday, July 29.

Perhaps someone can explain this to me. 

Njuru Beard