Friday, December 15, 2017

Hooligans must not hold sway

Over the last couple of days we have seen a resurgence in the blocking of roads and burning of tyres and debris, purportedly in protest against ills affecting certain communities.

While persons have a legitimate right to protest, they also have an obligation to comply with our laws a fact which seems to escape many commentators.

To use the argument that drastic action is needed by affected residents to attract attention and get relief is simply not good enough and cannot be tolerated.

No matter what the circumstances or agenda, acts of lawlessness must never be justified or condoned in a civilised society.

In addition, it is very often the case that these "road blockers" usually have little to offer in terms of a contribution to the country's GDP and the economy in general.

Tens of thousands of hardworking, law-abiding citizens must therefore not be held to ransom by a few hooligans.

It is time for the heavy hand of the law to be brought to bear on these individuals.

It is time to put a stop to this nonsense!

Joint army/police patrols should be instituted in these areas, particularly the Beetham, at peak times.

Fines for such offences should also be significantly increased to say $25,000, to serve as a deterrent.

William Castillo