Saturday, February 24, 2018

Hopeless Windies selectors must go

The West Indies cricket selectors have just completed their exercise in foolishness of putting Darren Sammy to captain the West Indies cricket team. Sammy is well regarded as a big-hearted player who always gives his best while on the field, though its also recognised he may not possess the other attributes that may enable him to successfully captain any cricket team.

The selectors must take full responsibility for the debacle that occurred in India at the ICC World Cup. This folly put Darren Sammy in a terrible position where he hurriedly and abruptly reached the level of his incompetence. The lack of teamwork and cohesion within the team was obvious and as time went by the lack of confidence of and in the captain caused the downfall of the team.

The height of embarrassment and humiliation for all West indies supporters was against England, when the TV commentators quipped that "Darren Sammy needs to find the role he has to play in this team, as he is failing in batting, bowling and fielding''. Perhaps his role was to turn up and toss the coin, but even that he is getting wrong. Against Pakistan when he called correctly his team managed to score just over 100 runs and lose by 10 wickets.

Little wonder that poor Sammy looked out of his depth because, apart from his obvious lack of self-confidence, he also looked unsure and confused.

The selectors should do themselves and the entire West Indies public a favour and resign before they inflict further damage on the much-loved West Indies cricket team.

Kirk Edwards and Devon Thomas (replacements for the injured opening batsman and wicketkeeper) were poor selections considering that the in-form and experienced Andre Fletcher could have covered both positions .

In case they claim credit for the choice of replacement Devendra Bishoo, when results were showing the successes of leg spinners in the tournament, let no one forget that Bishoo arrived after first choice Marlon Samuels refused to go to India.

Special mention must also be given to the president of the West Indies Cricket Board under whose watch a once-great cricket team has fallen to an all-time low and is now the laughing stock of the world; Hon Dr Julien R Hunte, president of the West Indies Cricket Board, take a bow OUT!

R B Khan