Friday, January 19, 2018

How about ‘cultural reform’?

 While understanding the importance of the issues pertaining to constitutional reform, I must highlight one other area of national and cultural interest—Carnival costumes—or, should I say, “lack thereof”? I have been quite uncomfortable as a woman viewing these photographs, but what really prompted me to write is that I have also been hearing similar feedback from some younger people as well (who usually play mas), including reference to the Monday wear, which apparently covers even less than the costumes featured in the newspapers.

Many people in positions of autho­rity spoke about the vulgarity of this year’s Carnival display; we need to understand the truth about the source of the behaviour stems from three major areas—the music, the costumes and the alcohol. 

As women, we sometimes struggle with the concept of empowerment and respect. People need to see who we are on the inside (and not to be distracted by our bodies)—our intelligence, our immense mental strength, our powers of discernment, our nurturing and innate people skills.

All these assets were encapsulated in a female friend of mine in a predominantly male profession a few years ago. As a senior manager, she had the respect and admiration of her peers, many of whom were men. It took only one Carnival Tuesday to lose all that respect she worked so hard to muster over years by “playing herself in next to nothing” and being captured on film. As her male counterparts responded on Ash Wednesday, “Who is she pretending to be today?”

Please think about this quotation from Jason Evert: ‘‘A culture of immodest women will necessarily be a culture of uncommitted men.” Look around us as a society. Can we not see this truth as a reality, and ever wondered how we can be an agent of change?

Many women know how to seduce men. Have we ever thought about how we can educate them and raise the bar? We have the power to do so (this is true empowerment). Have you seen men having less of a good time in the same short pants they have been wearing for years? Think about it!

Tonia Gooding

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