Friday, December 15, 2017

How much more can we take?

Everyone has limits, be they physical, psychological or emotional in nature. Collectively as a national community, we have limits, too. Since 2010, the limits of the national community have been sorely tested. 

What began in January of that year, riding on a rising tide of hope and good will, quickly descended into the dark morass of disillusionment and discontent. The hope of a new dawn in governance so quickly dissipated that  one was left to wonder if it was all just an illusion. It began with the “Reshmi affair’’ and the mis-steps never ceased after that. 

Many of us who voted for the Partnership and dreamt of “new politics” slowly had to accept that our hopes had been wickedly dashed.

The recent firing of Dr Glenn Ramadharsingh and the resignation of Chandresh  Sharma have left us jaded and punch drunk, like old boxers who have taken one punch too many...we have reached the limit! 

Day after day we are bombarded by stories of corruption and “miss-behaviour” in public office and we simply shake our collective heads, rueing the missed opportunity of 2010. Disillusionment is a funny thing. Too little and hope still springs, too much and positive emotions are rapidly replaced by negative ones. 

It’s just too much. Personally,  I dread reading the newspapers on a morning but like the old pugilist, I come out swinging nonetheless, addicted to the steady diet of lies, corruption and mismanagement.

 I still read because I still hope that one day, this land that I love so dearly will realise its full potential and escape from this pattern of self-destruction. I don’t want to list here the huge amount of bungled attempts at leadership visited on us by this Government. To do so would be depressing to the writer as well as the reader. What I want to say is this: to those amongst us who still dream of a progressive and content society where decency and goodwill abound, keep heart, keep hoping, keep praying, and most of all find a way personally to make the dream of a better Trinbago a reality. 

This hope of a better day cannot rest in the hands of politicians. They have let us down countless times and  we cannot and should not bury our heads in the sand. 

We need to each take responsibility for our land. God bless our nation!

Gary Almarales

San Juan