Thursday, December 14, 2017

How to fight obesity and live longer

 Obesity in Trinidad and Toba­go has developed into an outra­geous state and is causing health risks to arise in society. The number one question that baffles anyone that suffers from obesity is: how to lose unwanted weight fast, easily or cheaply?

According to United Kingdom studies in 2012, Trinidad and Toba­go ranked as the third most obese country in the world. The people of Trinidad and Tobago, today, have developed very unhealthy eating habits due to lack of exercise, poor diet, consuming a variety of fast foods, stress, lack of sleep and many other contributory factors. 

Trinidadians have become laid-back and some of us are downright lazy. In order to eliminate unwan­ted weight, obese citizens need to have a determined mindset to achieve the weight they desire. They need to take the appropriate steps by: weighing themselves, setting the amount of weight they wish to lose, focus on a well-suited diet plan and have a structured exercise routine. People have a tendency of starting their diets and not committing to them when they don’t see the expected results as fast as they want. In order to have the weight they desire, they need to realise the process of losing weight requires motivation, time and determination.   

Some Trinbagonians believe taking dietary pills and other surgical procedures can help them lose weight faster, but in reality, this does more harm to their bodies than good. Surgical procedures are very expensive, so the average person may find it quite difficult to obtain surgery to get rid of fat or unwanted weight. Dietary pills are cheaper than surgery so more people tend to resort to this method, but this fast or easy way may prove to be hazardous to one’s health. Dietary pills are short-term and when the person stops taking these pills, they will gain back their unwanted weight.

Being overweight leads to serious health hazards such as: bone and cartilage degeneration, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, cancer, respiratory problems, stroke, type 2 diabetes and other health risks. Obese per­sons can suffer from respiratory problems, which means breathing becomes difficult as the lungs are decreased in size and the chest walls becomes very heavy and difficult to lift. 

It can be seen that losing weight takes hard work, time and determination, and it’s neither fast nor easy, nor cheap. Trinbagonians need to pay close attention to what they consume and how they manage their diets, in order to live a healthy, long-lasting life.

Sarah Heeralal

and Venita Rajkumar

via e-mail