Tuesday, January 16, 2018

How low can we go?

It is truly a terrible reflection of the nasty habits of the lesser conscientious citizens, that they would resort to stealing tyres, roof racks, body spares and parts from crashed vehicles of the Arrive Alive road safety campaign. These vehicles were put into the public domain to sensitise the nation about the agony of a vehicular car crash. 

I am not surprised, since a good many of these vehicles are equipped with parts which can be salvaged and are bait for thieves.  Indeed, its interesting that they may be placed there as scrap vehicles, since as long as the cost of repairing a vehicle under full comprehensive insurance exceeds the insured value, the insurance company recommends that it be written off and the owner paid. The owner gets the vehicle to now sell and recover a fair amount of money. But this is only the iceberg tip of the scam. 

I applaud the efforts of Arrive Alive. People who frustrate important campaigns like road safety are just as dangerous as drug pushers, turtle hunters and illegal miners.  They do not have the interest of this nation at heart. They are thinking about how they can make a fast buck and the thing about it is that, the things they steal, the carcasses of wild creatures and the pitiful aggregate they get, they have to sell it so cheap, at the end of the day it isn't worth the effort of waking up at ungodly hours to go and steal four tyres in which the inner belts have burst and will wobble any vehicle on which they are used. 

I apologise to Arrive Alive for the disgraceful behaviour of those unpatriotic persons.  Please do not let this daunt your efforts and keep fighting the good fight.

William Rajkumar