Saturday, February 24, 2018

Howling for Machel's head

I commiserate with you, Machel, as some of your fans have made you a victim of your success. Then, too, as an African celebrity it is typical of your tribe to insist and howl for your jailing because you are not above the law.

Mind you such strong sentiments are never expressed by the other ethnic groups like the Indians, Chinese and Syrians. They protect their people and this to a large extent makes them so successful, while the Africans remain the major occupiers of the jails, the mad house and the pavements.

That's how friends and families treat them and that's where they want to keep them.

So those Machel-hating people in Trinbago continue to be the most self-righteous and full-of-integrity people in the world. Keep howling for the jailing of one of your most talented and successful young African entertainers.

With that attitude of the universality and brotherhood of man that only you seem to subscribe to, you will always be what you are right now in Trinidad and Tobago because unlike the other ethnic groups you don't like your own people and your own self. Power to you, Machel!

Haydn Murray

Mt Lambert