Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Humble solution from a simple mind

 I must immediately apologise to all of the highly educated legal and political minds for the comments and questions that are to follow. They come from a very simple citizen who can only make sense of the world in very simple terms. I refer to the multi-million-dollar marijuana find in February 2014, which has been branded as a major success.

With the workings of a simple mind, I ask: would it not have been more laudable if, on verifying the location of the marijuana plantation, some officers had remained behind to detect and detain the people who were tending this crop?

The simple mind would think with such a large-scale ganja farm in operation, the ganja farmer would not be too far away for too long. These plants would have to be tended and guarded (silly me) in order for the investment to be pro­fitable.

When one destroys the produce but gives the producer a “stay out of jail and plant free” card, all they will do is to shift cultivation to another parcel of land. To the simple mind, it seems there is an unwritten law which states: as long as the drug haul is over a certain amount, investigations will be continuing...

“Over a certain amount” in this case would refer to any amount which would rule out ownership by the small fry in the neighbourhoods now known as hotspots. To the ordinary citizen, there really seems to be a fear on the part of the police to detain anyone above a certain socioeconomic level. I certainly don’t know what is fuelling that fear, but it is unfair to the poorer class of citi­zens and also to the wider population when law-enforcement efforts are channelled in only one direction.

Joanne Viechweg

via e-mail