Monday, February 19, 2018

Hunting ban paid off

 I saw a news feature recently which was such good news. The feature dealt with the fact, there was some evidence that the local ocelot population was slowly returning. This has to be good news and sound proof that the two-year hunting ban is successful. 

Moreso, I was so happy to see the Chaguaramas Development Authority taking firm and decisive action against campers cum poachers, squatters and trespassers on its lands on the premise that their presence threatened the habitat of its animals and vegetation. Only recently a whale beached in Manzanilla was mercifully returned to the seas by sensitive and caring villagers who saw the enormous value of preserving the life of the creature. I am only sorry that turtle slaughter does not carry a stricter penalty.  

This is the kind of social and regulatory enforcement that is required if we are to reverse the ecological damage caused by the hungry-mouth mentality of citizens. 

This is certainly a most welcome development and should strengthen the resolve of all citizens.   

Lystra Marajh