Monday, February 19, 2018

IRO president should apologise, resign


'FAUX PAS': Harrypersad Maharaj

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Unless I am mistaken and there was in fact a meeting of the Inter-Religious Organisation (IRO) where the issue of Jack Warner's attendance at the opening of the Divali Nagar was discussed specifically and a position and release put out, IRO president pundit Harrypersad Maharaj could NOT have spoken on that organisation's behalf and he may have inadvertently brought that organisation into the political arena to mediate a political dispute, a role never envisaged in its charter.

We live in a multi-ethnic, multi-religious society where tolerance is one one of our national watch- words and acceptance is the practice where differences are concerned. In these very testy times, leaders and those appointed to leadership need to exercise an abundance of level-headed guidance so as not to make matters worse by what they say or cause to be said in their name.

At the very least pundit Maharaj owes the entire nation an explanation and an apology for this glaring error and ought to resign as President immediately for the unfortunate faux pas.

I also believe that the IRO should convene a meeting at the soonest possible time and issue a public release distancing itself from the entire situation.

Phillip Alexander


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