Monday, January 22, 2018

I thought Dana was an independent person politically

Because she doesn't mince matters, the laws of Mother Nature demand persons of lower stature or esteem look up to those more highly positioned. But humans are fickle beings, so, sometimes human-made laws are a mix of folly, error, ignorance or malice.

Regardless who makes them, laws are laws; so the consequences they bring are avoidable, unless and until they are stayed, amended or repealed. The same general principles apply to things people say, such as Ms Dana Seetahal, an attorney of great stature, over whose article in yesterday's Express, "Spare us from politicians," I take strong objection.

Dana began by opining the culture of our Guyanese neighbours has made them unable to distinguish between the Muslim celebration of Bakra Eid and the Hindu celebration of Divali. She also confessed it left her "feeling pleased with (herself) and T&T thinking how far we had progressed along the lines of tolerance, respect and diversity".

Evidently, she is unaware that any visitor to Trinidad and Tobago at this time would not believe Divali preparations are at fever pitch, that is, if one is to use the radio and television programming as the yardstick by which to measure.

Christmas and soca dominate and permeate, hardly allowing any room to articulate or disseminate the inherent wisdom of the most significant religious awakening for nearly half of T&T.

Secondly, Dana apparently did not apply her higher insight when and where it most mattered: she could have used the Guyana awakening as an opportunity to teach, not to be smug and silent, anxious to return "home" to brag.

Finally, Dana launched a scathing assault on on Jack Warner, an individual who has done much more than many to help the cause of ethnic tolerance in Trinidad and Tobago: she shredded him to pieces over his publicly-given observations about the composition of Dr Rowley's march on November 2.

I was always of the impression Dana was an independent person, politically; apparently I was wrong, because she studiously avoided quoting anything from Dr Rowley himself when advertising his march: he invited "all right-thinking citizens" to come out and march against the democratically-elected government. If the composition of the turnout was skewed heavily one way, what does that mean, Dana? You are a lawyer, so you know you can't dispute incontrovertible facts.

All in all, though I condemn what you wrote in your latest article, I can't love you less than I did before. But, it's the season of Divali, a most auspicious time of the Hindu and national calendar.

Omatie Rajpaul-Henderson

Santa Margarita