Friday, February 23, 2018

I will never vote for Queen Kamla again

I commend Wayne Kublalsingh for the courage, strength and dignity shown during his hunger strike.Very few people (and certainly not me) would have this level of courage of their convictions.

It is important to note that this protest is not about re-routing the highway (or holding democracy hostage to the whims of one man) but about insisting on the Prime Minister keeping her promise to have an independent study done of the proposed route and the alternatives.

To date Dr Kublalsingh maintains she has reneged on this promise to conduct an independent review, and merely re-iterated the original Government report.

Dr Kublalsingh has already made his point and I would urge him to withdraw now before it is too late. Nothing further is served by more damage to his health and stress to his family who I know have tried to persuade him to withdraw. But he is a man of steel.

It is clear that the Prime Minister has no independent report to show us or perhaps she denies making such a promise, or perhaps like many politicians she believes promises are made to be broken.

We have also witnessed the shameful, uncouth and distasteful behaviour of Roodal Moonilal and Jack Warner. Nothing can justify their behaviour and comments which are totally unworthy of any Government minister.

One thing I know for sure. I will never vote for Queen Kamla and her cohorts again. And if the COP does not withdraw from this Government after a myriad missteps I won't vote for them again either.

I pray some good sense prevails.

William Lucie-Smith