Saturday, December 16, 2017

If you can’t sing, please stay away

Dear chutney and soca artistes, some of you cannot sing. Yes, plain talk, bad manners. If any of you think you can go on The Voice, America Idol, X Factor or any of those talent shows and face a judge like Simon Cowell for example, he will have every single right to embarrass you and I will support him 100 per cent.

The Soca Monarch semi-finals and other events created the perfect opportunities for us your supporters, to hear some people croak like frogs on an international stage and boy, did I feel humiliated for some of you.

Do any of you think Jamaica’s Tessanne Chin could have won The Voice if she sounded like some of you? Think again.

To all the people who want to get into the music industry especially soca, learn to sing please and if you can’t sing, do yourself a favour and stay out of the music industry.

It is evident that some of you got involved in the industry because of the money and not really for the passion of singing. Take my stupid advice, please.

The advice is not just for radio announcers and DJs but for all who want to enter into this not-so-nice industry:

1. Stop using autotune. It is overbearing now. No amount of voice enhancers or whatever you call the software will make your natural voice sound sweet.

2. If you cannot sing, and many of you can’t, stick to your day job.

3. If you so feel the desire to get into the music industry, get vocal training and fast.

4. Get vocal training from a well-qualified choir master or mistress who will be able to teach you everything that you need to know, like breathing techniques etc.

5. Take the vocal training for at least one year before you enter in the music industry or write another song and end up embarrassing yourself when performing live.

6. And again, if all else fails, stick to your day job.

Some people think just because we are a small country, we should accept any and every nonsense that is labelled soca or chutney soca. It is evident that many people need a course in songwriting.

Some of of you artistes should be thankful that we are a tolerant crowd and will not boo you when the performances are poor.

If we want to reach the international stage, let us raise our standards please.

OW Smith

Port of Spain