Friday, February 23, 2018

If Kublalsingh wants to starve...

It is clear to me that Wayne Kublalsingh has no interest in any resolution to any issue.

His behaviour in using profanities to Dr Fuad Khan who went to enquire about his health points to a man who has lost the plot and really has no idea of what or why he is protesting.

It should be no surprise that Dr Kublalsingh reacted this way. His every action has led us to believe that his primary intent has been to play-act for the cameras, to look like some kind of action hero, fighting for rights that aren't threatened, and injustices that are yet to be defined. All this for what? Because a few families want the State to pay more compensation to them?

If Dr Kublalsingh wants to starve himself, then let him! Don't use our State ambulance to support a disgusting and dishonest actor. We have many medical emergencies that would be better served by our ambulances!

Build the road and end the suffering of tens of thousands of families who have to bear hours of traffic because ten to 20 families just want more money from the State for their lands!

Jeewan Jaimungal

via e-mail