Thursday, February 22, 2018

Ignorance abounds

It has only now dawned on me that those of us who have chosen the path of education live in a bubble that has given us a false sense of reality.

We socialise in circles that are usually racially mixed—people of African, East Indian and Chinese descent. We study together, we work together and we lime together. Elements such as class, wealth and social habits play more of an integral role in what divides us than does ethnicity.

In these circles race rarely rears its head. There are other forms of discrimination such as nepotism and the proverbial glass ceiling for us to contend with.

Reports of increased intakes into the universities act as blinders and have made us oblivious to the fact that we are a minority. The vast majority of our generation is unable to think critically and are illiterate and angry.

These factors create the ideal environment to nurture anti-social behaviour, with racial discrimination but one manifestation. So when we sit in the lounge and say it's only the politicians that are fostering racial sentiments, think again.

It is true that education allows one to make better choices and conform to acceptable norms, therefore as our society grows a dilution of "the issue of race" is a reasonable expectation. The fact, however, is that much of the education does not filter down to the masses.

In today's world the youths are all tech-savvy, but in the abundance of data ignorance abounds. There are few that can make the links to transfer information to knowledge and finally wisdom. So when the time comes and we find ourselves in the position of our leaders, the ostrich approach to the race issue, to which we presently subscribe, will leave us with an even heavier social load to bear.

Renaldo Lewis