Friday, January 19, 2018

I’m enjoying a much safer Carnival this year

 I must say, the Ministry of National Security and the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service are doing their job for this year’s Carnival. 

Last evening, I was at a fete and apart from the hired private security presence, most noticeably also was the presence of officers in blue, in their numbers, spread throughout, including in the parking areas. The blue and yellow colours of the Rapid Response Unit vehicles were occasionally seen patrolling the vicinity. Even a helicopter passed a couple 

of times and did a slow fly-by. We had security resources on the ground and security resour­ces 

in the skies. 

Additionally, this morning, I read in one of the dailies that the Government is in the process of acquiring long-range off-shore patrol vessels to safeguard and lock down our precious maritime borders, so that would make eyes on the ground, eyes in the skies and soon-to-be eyes on the seas: a triple threat. 

This is one Carnival that I feel much safer. Safer to go out, safer to attend fetes, safer to play mas and safer to enjoy our Carnival. 

On behalf of our citizens and the foreign visitors who plan to experience our culture and vitality this weekend, I say thanks. 

Vindra Dookie

via e-mail