Wednesday, February 21, 2018

In a mom's plight a lesson for youth

Recently the now-standard image of a tear-filled young mother with equally tear-filled little ones pleading for a home appeared on TV, but this time with a difference: she had the presence of mind to call on young people to "take education" as the way to avoid her present state of misery.

There could not have been a more poignant message fleshed out the way it was telling young people of the terrible consequences of a situation such as hers and this, coupled with a calypso such as Sparrow's "Education", would be an excellent advert in the social media to drive this important point home.

Among many of our young people, the idea of education as the key to individual development and social mobility is yet to take root for there are so many false values flitting around, like glamour of crime and the rewards it can offer, or the prospect of being an iconic football star or a music celebrity and the money and fame that go with such, inter alia.

The plaintive cry of this young woman can be a giant step in the role of education in the lives of many of our distracted youth.

Here is another lesson for young people who make bad choices—that the responsibility for your destiny is your own and none else, which is why Sparrow's admonition in "Education", "That children must go to school and "learn well" or "later in life they goin' to ketch real hell", must become gospel for many of youth distracted by delusions of grandeur.

Errol Benjamin

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