Friday, February 23, 2018

In the wake of the massacre

My heart bleeds for the innocents brutally gunned down by a lone madman in Sandy Hook, Newtown, Connecticut, last Friday. This is the place which previously stamped its name in the international headlines at the same time our very own Hasely Crawford did, thanks to Bruce Jenner's golden decathlon performance at Montreal's 1976 Olympics. May their little souls rest in peace!

My heart also bleeds for the adults who were slaughtered in the same senseless incident.

I understand the berserk gunman's mother was the first victim. This has to be the most hellish case of charity beginning at home. May their souls also find eternal peace. As I internalise the tragedy, I ask myself: is there a lesson for us in the American response to one of the most murderous incidents their country has witnessed?

In the midst of this gruesome tragedy, one particular thing stands out like the Keshorn Walcott Lighthouse at Toco. All Americans, regardless of creed, colour, ethnicity or political persuasion, have banded together in expressing their grief, sympathy, empathy and outrage...not one has called for the police chief of Sandy Hook, or of Newtown, to step down, or for the mayor, governor, homeland security secretary or President Obama to resign.

No American cried down President Obama for crying openly when he was briefing a stunned American populace about the incident.

I beg you, God, please quickly teach us in Trinidad and Tobago your higher insight into what triggered that one madman to trip off.

I pray something like that never, ever, occurs here and hope, as we give thanks it didn't, we come to understand the right way to respond to the nonsense which happens when a single individual goes out of whack.

Octavia Crichlow

Sangre Grande