Thursday, February 22, 2018

Independent Senators must back Govt's plan

If all these PNM voices can make a call for Independent Senators to stand against the Defence (Amendment) Bill, I can have my say and tell them to stand for it.

I make a call to the Independent Senators to use their proven sense of reason and logic to assess this situation properly and lend their support to the bill. The Opposition speakers have made their point and have painfully repeated it over and over (despite the fact that the Government has made the relevant amendments to the bill which dealt with all the issues brought forward. As far as I see it (and anyone else who has a semblance of intelligence) the bill involves a holistic approach to the issue of maintaining law and order.

How much longer must we wait to see these criminals brought to justice? How many more must die before we take the necessary action? The time is now. And the people have shown support from various spheres from the business sector, to the private sector, to the public. We want to live and we want our families to be safe. Is there anymore I should say? At the end of the day, our country needs clear minds to show the way. Independents, this is where you come in. We are counting on you to advance our interests in the Senate. I hope that when the bill is debated in the Upper House, all the Independent Senators can stand for us and vote for the Defence Bill.

Pierre Gladstone