Thursday, January 18, 2018

Is Venezuela on verge of collapse?

Are we witnessing Venezuela’s demise? I would like some of our local socialists, union leaders and others to enlighten me on what is going on next door in Venezuela, our close neighbour.

After many years of Chavez’s dictatorial rule and almost a year under his hand-picked successor, President Maduro, it seems like Venezuela is in a very bad state, probably on the verge of collapse. When it reaches the point where even vital supplies like toilet paper, corn flour, milk and other basic consumer items are scarce, then it is clear the socialist agenda has failed miserably in the Bolivarian Republic. But I want Chavez’s comrades here to verify or deny this.

I have been hearing that inflation is more than 50 per cent and many thousands of university graduates who cannot get employment are seeking greener pastures abroad, mainly in North America. Crime is like a hoard of drunk, raging bulls with thousands of murders last year alone and a murder every 20 minutes!

There is also a black market to buy US dollars!

This is just the tip of the iceberg...but with all this we hear nothing from all those who glorified and idolised Chavez and his brand of socialism. I challenge them to deny what I said above.

Sharyn Seepersad