Thursday, January 18, 2018

Is AG's assurance on the record?

I am an avid fan of the Parliament Channel. Call me weird and eccentric but I love the debates. The recent Section 34 matter and the motion of no confidence debate on the Attorney General were quite interesting.

The AG's case is that everyone in Parliament made a mistake because they didn't appreciate the potential danger and consequences of Section 34. The PNM's case is that they did, but they supported it because Mr Volney had given certain assurances to the Parliament.

I could be wrong, but I do not recall actually hearing any Opposition MP or Senator actually state this.

I noticed that none of the stories in the media actually quoted from any Opposition MP or Senator during the relevant debate to demonstrate that the Opposition's support was given because of these assurances.

On an important matter like this, one should not be expected to infer or imply this is why the Opposition supported this measure because of assurances given by Mr Volney. For this to be true, it would have been expressly stated and recorded somewhere in the Hansard.

I have searched the Hansard and cannot find a single statement to this effect by any Opposition MP or Senator.

It cannot be that they expected the population to read their minds on such a critical issue. I am therefore left with the impression that perhaps the AG is right and this was a collective mistake for which they are all responsible.

In which case, a motion of no confidence should be directed by the people against all of them.

Andrew Marcano

Long Circular