Saturday, February 24, 2018

Is it really 'Divali' Nagar?

I know I may be criticised for my comments here but it should help build for future Divali Nagars.

There's the breathtaking murti of Hanuman Baba at the entrance together with the thematic displays but couldn't these displays be done differently this year rather than just written on laminated posters as in years gone by?

What about having some sort of live interactive sessions? We live in a time of modern technology. Why not utilise it? However, after visiting the Nagar this year I have formed the opinion that it's just a flea market with ridiculously overpriced items where there's a food court for those who wish to partake of East Indian and vegetarian delicacies.

Emphasis is not placed on the celebration and importance of Divali but only for companies to advertise their products such as fireworks, children's toys and DVDs, not to mention audio systems as well as insurance and arrangements for funerals!

Now tell me...what significance does all of this have to the festival of lights?

Don't get me wrong. I know some of these companies make the Nagar possible each and every year but in my humble opinion much more needs to be done to ensure that the true essence and meaning of the "Divali Nagar" stay etched in the hearts, minds and souls of our younger generations and generations to come.

R Rambaran

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