Friday, December 15, 2017

It took a ‘big’ song to empower women

Did it really take a song...?

One of the biggest hit this Carnival season, taking over radio stations and many stages in Trinidad, sung by Mr Killa, “Rolly Polly” definitely made favour with the “big girls” in this country. Before the song was released on national airwaves, were over-sized women as confident about themselves as they are now?

Its seems that the Grenadian singer, soca sensation Mr Killa, gave plus-sized women many reasons to be proud about themselves. The meaning of the song is to empower the “big girls” and not degrade them since the lyrics said that “fat gyal” could do anything.

Plus-sized women are now coming out in their numbers and representing the “rolly pollies” in various Carnival fetes this season. They are quite confident in themselves now as this is seen in their fashion sense. Their poise when walking the streets now has a glittery glow and can be spotted from a distance. These big girls now walk self-assured and fearless.

Following an unstructured interview, “Because of this song, we women now have instilled in ourselves a lot of confidence and now get a feeling of belongingness in society. Thanks for the song, Mr Killa”, exclaimed a woman who wished to remain anonymous.

Another woman begged to differ as she stated, “I don’t think this song boosted over-sized women’s confidence because a lot of oversized women were proud of themselves before the song came out.”

Did it? If so, why? Why did it take a song to make the “big girls” feel proud about their size?

Geinelle Ramdass

and Cheryl Boyd,