Saturday, February 17, 2018

It’s a bloody shame

 I haven’t heard any massive uproar or outcry or show of disgust for all the persons that have lost their lives to senseless and bloody murders in this small country of ours as much as I’ve heard with these politicians shouting and demanding more money for themselves. 

That sums them up! Shame, shame, shame! A murderous society which none of them can get a grip on—both the main political parties—yet they are making demands and are upset because they feel they are entitled to more money than the Salaries Review Commission recommends. They don’t even deserve what they do get now. 

Apart from a blood-stained society let’s don’t forget the many millions wasted in rent for unused buildings, the big drug bust that the Americans detected, not us, an entire country without electricity for more than 11 hours, with no one accountable (only in Trinidad), massive oil spills, rampant nepotism, the Uff report into UDeCOTT—no movement on that front and I can go on and on. 

Let’s hope they do some introspective thinking seeing the public is looking on at their distasteful, shameful behaviour and that they desist. If not it will be a bloody shame!

Racquel Putt

St James