Saturday, February 17, 2018

It’s just another day in deadly T&T

The British High Commissioner, in his tirade on crime in Trinidad and Tobago, spoke about the media contributing to the formation of a desensitised public. Whether that is correct is not my focus. However, the general notion of nationals becoming an apathetic people is a matter of deep concern to me. 

The recent killing of the young brothers attests to this fact. What should have brought tears to my eyes simply became another story. I sat there, read the newspapers and nothing stirred my emotions until I heard my co-workers relating the incident. This to me was worse than the actual crime. I recognised how indifferent one can become over repugnant news that is being regurgitated daily. It was then no surprise to hear High Commissioner Snell speaking about people being desensitised. 

Becoming desensitised is a staggering truth that some of us can identify with closely. I therefore urge those within the populace who might have become hardened and indifferent, to replace feelings of apathy with empathy. Love is perhaps the one solution to a society full of hatred, as we appear to be.  Thus if we are not troubled by the murder of a nine-year-old, then something is terribly wrong. Even as we strive to evoke compassion, let us remember to live a life of righteousness that will help eradicate crime in our land. Loving God and our fellow men is the only means to a peaceful end. 

Brittney Balfour

Sangre Grande